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  • 6 Ways to Prevent a Fight with your Girlfriend
  • 6 Ways to Prevent a Fight with your Girlfriend

    6 Ways to Prevent a Fight with your Girlfriend

    Every couple knows how terrible the consequences of the fight can be. The best way to cope with a quarrel is to prevent the misunderstandings in the first place. Here are the several tips from Vip Brides, to stop the conflict that is about to burst.

    1. Accept the well-known facts
      Everyone has different opinions and goals in life. Therefore, you must understand that each person thinks differently. During a conflict, you should not convince your girl that you are right. It is better to explain her that each person forms his own opinion in order to cope with a misunderstanding.
      The second common fact you will face is that girls can be too emotional. Stop reproaching or humiliating your beloved because of her natural temper or habits or whatever… Try not to pay much attention and get used to their overreactions, frantic behavior or baby talks because nobody is perfect.2. Say the code
      Blue, cheese or even red…any word that you both picked in advance. It turns out that such words can be used not only for your night games but as a signal that you need to stop an argument and take a timeout. After a pause, both of you will speak in a calm voice. Forbid each other humiliation, swear words, and yelling after the timeout.

    3. Put out the fire
    Set the alarm for 30 minutes. Spend 25 minutes of this time to distract each other from a quarrel. Do what you like: take a dumbbell in your hands or launch your favorite computer game. Meditate on whether you should be the first to apologize during the last five minutes of the time-out. Remember, you are a grown up man.

    4. Use your brain
    Emotions arise when your social instinct is affected. It can be restrained only by your own mind. Sometimes our brain just turns off and you lose your temper. If it sounds familiar, you should try to control yourself. Prohibit yourself to say rough words to your couple and think. Yes! All you need to control the emotions is to turn on your main analyzer. Making your brain work is the best way to fight down the rage.

    1. Cherish no resentment
      First, leave the previous fights alone. Never make piece having something unsaid. The fight will occur again in the near future. Next, although it may sound weird, constantly say what is on your mind. Never hide things that make you mad about your girlfriend. This unsaid detail will definitely turn into an argument against your partner in the next conflict turning into a great quarrel. Being straightforward does more good for your relationships than lying.
    2. Support your partner no matter what
      It is no wonder that support is very important in relationships. For example, if your beloved is upset about something, hold your horses to criticize her and express your point of view. Most likely, she already feels bad, without your comments. In addition, even if the criticism instead of support is relevant at that moment, keep in mind that it can cause aggression against you. Therefore, choose a tactic of silence. When a person calms down, you can offer your help and point at her disadvantages.