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  • From the Average Citizen to The Great Player

    From the Average Citizen to The Great Player

    Call it what you may, luck, thoughtlessness, or a mixture of the two; there are people that put everything on the line even when they are not sure of making a great win. However, such decisions pay off big time for some people up to the extent that they claim outrageously great amount of win that converts average citizens into millionaires just in a few hours.

    Confirming the fact that you don’t compulsorily have to be rich before you are able to play video poker online. Yes, several average people have experienced some of the most fortunate wins in the casino, though the higher cash outs seem to occur from the bigger bets.

    Some of the Largest Casino Wins By Average Citizens

    Archie Karas – Craps and Poker

    Archie who is popularly called the casinos’ king once was a waiter by profession until he found out about pool hustling. This is where he gathered great treasure up to the scale of one million in dollars. He once turned a fifty-dollar bill into forty million dollars on bets. He is never scared of losing; he sometimes bet what most gamblers dream of earning in a lifetime just in one toss of dice. It was recorded that he won a lot of cash as well as went completely broke while playing card games with high-stakes in Los Angeles in several instances.

    Archie experienced the largest hot streak in betting history back in December 1992. This was after he lost about two million dollars on poker games with high-stakes in Los Angeles and he had only fifty dollars left to spare, which was all he was required to begin the big winning. This is an example that shows that everything is achievable while gambling.

    Cynthia Jay – Slot machine

    She was working at the Monte Carlo casino as a waitress in Las Vegas. On the birthday celebration of the mother-in-law of her husband to be in 2000, she decided to give the Megabucks slot machine a shot. And to everyone’s surprise, a statewide lottery jackpot that hasn’t given out jackpots for some time gave her $34,949,458.56 on her 9th hit of the machine. That registered as the greatest jackpot in the record of Megabucks at that period.

    Elmer Sherwin – Slot machine

    This is the man that defeated the odds to win four point six million dollars on a Megabucks slot machine. This happened at the Cannery Casino & Hotel located in Las Vegas. Beating the odds was like his hobby because he did this repeatedly on the same slot machine. He didn’t stop after his first win, he continued and he later made another win of two point one million dollars sometime in 2005 when he already clocked 92 years of age. He repeatedly claims that he has been an aficionado of Megabucks for a while and he had this belief that it would one day pay off. It was worth the sixteen years wait to repeat such a great win.

    You also can join in the winning streak by beginning to play free casino games from uk.vogueplay.com to get a feel. There are several other huge winners of slots that were average people till their lives got transformed. Waste no more time and see if it’s your time to meet lady fortune.