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  • Circle K Soda Giveaway: Store Says, ‘Bring Your Biggest Container & Get It Filled Free’
  • Circle K Soda Giveaway: Store Says, ‘Bring Your Biggest Container & Get It Filled Free’

    Circle K Soda Giveaway: Store Says, ‘Bring Your Biggest Container & Get It Filled Free’

    Circle K free soda
    Seen here at the new Circle K on 7st and Roosevelt, is a tanker unloading 10,000 gallons of corn syrup in preparation for their free soda promotion on October 21st. (AP Photo/Dennis System, File) / AP

    Phoenix, AZ — A new Circle K convenience store in Phoenix is throwing a grand opening promotion set for the record books. Beginning at 6am on Wednesday, October 21st, the day the new store opens, the first 5,000 people through its doors will be allowed to fill up as much soda as they can carry for free.

    “We think this is a great way to welcome people from the neighborhood to our new store,” manager Tom Downey told NBC News. “If you can lift it, the soda is all yours. We also plan to break the previous World Record for free soda given away in a single day.”

    Representatives from Guinness World Records will be on hand to ensure accuracy in the event a record for most soda given away in a 24-hour period does take place.

    “We’ll be hoping to create plenty of soda related records there that day,” Michael Reynolds with Guinness World Records said. “Amazing feats such as how quickly someone can drink 60 ounces of soda, how long someone can stand on a can of soda, consuming soda through your nose, soda enemas and much, much more; so come thirsty!”

    The new store was supposed to open last month but due to the lack of corn syrup for the promotion, the location had to delay its opening.

    “We had to outsource our normal supply of corn syrup for this massive promotion,” Downey said. “It was tough to find all that sugary goodness, but after working out a deal with Monsanto, we finally were able to get the 10,000 gallons needed. The good folks at Monsanto really came through for us when we were in a bind.”

    Tiffany Davis with the Arizona Department of Health Services, is against promotions like the one Circle K is throwing.

    “Soda is poison for the body, bottom line,” Davis said. “Soda effects the heart, teeth, bladder, kidneys and is a major cause of obesity in this country. And the harm soda causes doesn’t just stop at a person’s health, but does tremendous damage to the environment too. By using the Styrofoam cups that Circle K provides, which are non-biodegradable, it causes air pollution and food contamination. This, combined with the fact that Styrofoam is lightweight and can float, has caused it to accumulate along coasts and waterways around the world. Styrofoam is now considered the main component of marine debris.”

    Circle K regular, 36-year-old Paul Horner, told Fox News that he is excited about the free soda giveaway.

    “I’m gonna bring my son’s plastic swimming pool and see if I can fill that up with soda,” Horner said. “I love Circle K, without it I wouldn’t know what to do with my life. Every day, at least 5 or 6 times a day, I fill up my 120 ounce mug with that tasty, Circle K liquid goodness. My doctor says that I should limit my sugar intake because of my diabetes, but what does he know. With his fancy doctor talk, he tells me that I’ll lose another toe or even my foot this time if I keep drinking soda, but I know Circle K wouldn’t let that happen. So I tell him, just what I tell other folk; if you put your trust in Circle K, they’ll do the rest.”

    Local Phoenix resident, Phil Freedom, told reporters he is thrilled about the new Circle K and their grand opening promotion.

    “Dude, that is such a great deal! I’m so glad they are finally making a bigger Circle K right across the street from where a smaller Circle K already is,” Freedom said. “From what I hear, the soda fountain at this new Circle K will be as big as the smaller Circle K – which is a good size, for a normal Circle K, it’s just not as big as this new Circle K; especially since you could fit a soda fountain inside of it that is as big as the smaller Circle K. I can’t wait! I’ll be drinking soda at this new Circle K every day, probably the whole day, I’ll never leave! I’ll rent a room in the back and bathe in the soda fountain! This will be amazing! Thank you for this Circle K! Thank you, thank you, thank you. And hopefully the city of Phoenix can learn from all of this. Instead of having only one Circle K on every corner, there can be two, three or even four Circle K’s on every corner!”

    The new Circle K, equipped with a 16-bay gas station and the largest soda fountain in the country is located on the southeast corner of Roosevelt and 7th Street. For questions or comments about the October 21st Circle K Free Soda Giveaway you can call (785) 273-0325.