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    Medical School Essay Writing

    Medical school essay writing is an article written by people proposing to join medical school. Schools require an interested candidate to submit their essay which is later used for assessment. A medical school essay serves to test the intelligence of the student. Medical school essay writing can be used to find out how qualified a candidate is to join a medical school. This is used as a cut off for many students who apply for the cause. Also, it serves to understand the applicants. How a candidate writes their personal essay tells a lot about their personality.

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    Many people do not understand how to write a medical school essay. The following tips on medical school writing will guide you on how to write a medical school essay which will stand out.

    • When writing a personal statement, there are various points to consider making it stand out; Write about an experience which changed your ideology in your personal statement. This could be a story, whether personal or not that made you realize you wanted to become a doctor. The purpose of this is to give your essay a personal touch and invoke emotions from the reader.
    • Your personal statement requires you to state your skills in the field of medicine. This could be borrowed from previous internships done or shadowing experienced doctors. Remember your skills help improve your score
    • Do not forget to state your qualifications in education. Medicine is a very competitive area of study. Therefore, your grades will be the first qualification which will be examined.

    The essay structure

    Sample outline for medical school essay

    Why I want to go to a medical school?


    Ever since I was 10, I have always wanted to become a doctor. But my love for medicine was awakened deeply when I was 12 after watching my mom battle with cancer. For so many years I watched her fight a losing battle with a disease we knew very little about. Back in the days, cancer treatment was expensive. One after the other, the hospitals rejected our plea to take my mom in even just for a day. Every day our hopes were crushed, and the light dimmed with every waking hour. Until four years after being diagnosed, she lost the fight that had taken a toll on her body and us both emotionally and physically.

    Thesis statement

    Losing the one person I have built my world around made me so bitter, since then I devoted myself to books. I swore I would do my best to excel in my school work and join the medical profession. I told myself that I would be a different kind of doctor who would never let another heart get broken when still too tender for a mistake they never did. The mistake of being poor. The choice of life should be fair.


    Medical care should be open to all, irrespective of their financial position. Life should always come first. The power to live or die should never be determined by the size of your wallet.

    Writing the introduction

    • When writing the introduction for a medical essay, begin with a punch line. Your introduction should be captivating to raise the interest of the reader. To achieve this, you can use an anecdote or a short story to create a warm ambiance in your essay.
    • Find your unique angle. This is the chance where you market yourself.
    • Describe yourself in a way that no one else can.
    • Explain to the reader the qualities which make you different from all the other applicants. As you write, remember that everyone has failures, achievements and challenges in life, do not present yourself as being perfect.
    • Avoid being too self-congratulatory or selling yourself short.

    Tips on thesis writing

    • In writing the thesis, stay focused. This means, you should stick to your theme. Do not bring points scattered all over.
    • Find precise angles that you will write about and ensure that you do no via off topic. Support your thesis with relevant examples.
    • Present supporting examples which will convince the reader the point you are trying to make.
    • Start with a strong approach that will capture the attention of the reader

    Writing the body (paragraphs length and transition)

    • In medical school essay writing, the body contains the context of your essay.
    • Use simple writing. This is not the place where you show your prowess in the language by using technical terms.
    • Write in a simple, direct language which the reader will easily understand.
    • Stick to the rules. There are guidelines to be followed when writing an essay.
    • Observe the rules of grammar, punctuation, alignments, bulletin and doodles. Do not make your paper look like an art project.
    • Ensure that it is neat and presentable. A paper that is too pimped out portrays the candidate as not being serious.
    • Observe the medical school essay outlining given.

    Writing the conclusion

    • Finalize the essay by defending your main point.
    • The conclusion for a medical school essay should close off the discussion, but not end it. This means, in a medical school conclusion, you can present lingering possibilities that help the reader know there are other concepts in a broader topic.
    • Emphasize the main points of the essay.
    • Reinstate your reason for the application.
    • Link your conclusion with the introduction.

    Answers to possible medical school essay questions

    • Why I want to be a doctor
    • Why I went into neurosurgery
    • Why I think Boston medical school is my best choice
    • Why I want to study medicine in Australia
    • The motivation behind me becoming a pediatric doctor

    There are many medical school essay writing help online services which students can use when writing. These books offer the different structure of medical school essay. Below is a medical school essay outline of how to answer these questions well.

    • Why I want to be a doctor

    “Well, I have always wanted to be a doctor, and everyone in my family has told me that I would look nice in a white coat and a stethoscope.”

    This statement has been overdone and sounds cliché. Be creative in answering. A bright student would probably write something like:

    “I had a certain prejudice to medical dramas when was growing up. Today, they still tickle my fancy in a way that nothing else does. I believe that they were the reason why I was so stuck up on being a doctor. It began as a fantasy of running across the hospital corridors until….”

    Finalizing the essay

    Once you have written your essay, it is time to go through it. Cross checks for errors that you might have.  Ensure the sentences make sense, and the spelling is correct. Knock out all the technical terms and reread to see whether there is a flow of thoughts. Medical school essay editing requires the student to be accurate and specific. The more you read the essay, the more unlikely you are to notice errors. Give a friend to read the article and make correction where needed. Do not take it personally if they criticize your medical school essay writing. Make proper citations for any quotations made in the essay. Where possible, give links to direct the reader on where to read further if needed.