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  • Obama Endorses Donald Trump For President
  • Obama Endorses Donald Trump For President

    Obama Endorses Donald Trump For President

    Washington, DC — In a surprising move, President Obama has officially endorsed Donald Trump’s bid for the Republican Presidential Candidacy. Obama made his announcement earlier this week at a white house press conference.

    “During my time as President, I’ve instituted a lot of policies in an effort to improve the lives of the American People,” said the President. “And I believe that if we want to continue implementing and improving upon these policies, the best candidate out there is Mr. Trump.”

    Donald Trump responded to the announcement, “You know, me and the President have differed on some minor issues in the past but I’m not surprised by this decision,” said Trump. “Barack and I clearly agree on the majority of the issues that affect Americans, and we both want to Make America Great Again ™.” The billionaire seemed to feel that Obama’s blessing would bolster an already strong political campaign. “I’m thrilled, just thrilled, to have him on board what is sure to be a Trump victory in 2016.”

    Trump went so far as to hint at further collaboration between the real estate mogul and the current President. “When I take office I’m gonna have lots of cabinet positions to fill. It could be nice to have someone with his kind of experience.”

    Michael Haufmann, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign, had this to say. “Everyone here is ecstatic for Barack Obama to have thrown his hat in the ring with us,” said Haufmann. “With the President’s endorsement and our already strong presence in the polls, I don’t see how this campaign could fail.”