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    Safe Schools In Australia

    The word “safe” has a special meaning for Australia with all the danger represented by hundreds of species of various insects. When mentioning safe schools, there is nothing to deal with surrounding natural conditions, we are talking only about people and their…sexual identity. In this sense, Australia is a new world discovering.

    Opportunities for study are developing fast in Australia. There are a lot of universities and a lot of services, which provide academic support, for example, you can find a lot of creative content writing services which are very popular as Eduzaurus on the web. Lately many international students and young families are coming to Australia to study, work and enjoy the beautiful life near the ocean at the same time. All of them are attracted by the opportunity to bring a child to safe school. But what “safe” means today for Australian kids? There are many controversial opinions about that coalition that provides safety to schools.

    Safe school coalition

    With safe schools, Australia represents a Safe Schools Coalition, which is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) that gathers many different communities supporting LGBT. Safe schools program includes basic non-bulling principles among students. The idea is to represent information to pupils in a non-offensive and tolerant way to stop bullying of LGBTQ. The program started in 2010 in Victoria. During three years it spread all over AUS and received financial support from the government. The communities respond to homophobia in a non-offensive way by providing additional educational lectures, printing materials for young children and teenagers, informal education events, and other.

    Another significant and positive aim is to represent the LGBTQ people the information and support on how to behave in cases of violence regarding homophobia and transphobia. Anyone can become a member of the coalition. The idea states that each pupil has right to feel confident and have equal rights for education. All people must be treated with respect and dignity in spite of religion, nationality or any other issue. The program succeeded reaching its aims and provided safe and convenient conditions for education of LGBTQ.


    Together with positive aims persuaded there also appeared negative sides and statements which offended traditional families and their children. After a few accidents, parents started considering if the safe schools programme is safe enough for non-LGBTQ children and their worldview. The most controversial statements were represented in educational books for four-year-old kids: “No one can tell you whether you a girl or a boy. This is up to you to decide.” Many people were offended by this way of education which led to creation group of parents and other individuals who wanted to stop the activity of the Safe School Coalition. This fact had a few consequences.

    In 2016 a group of Chinese parents in Australia created a petition where it was stated that they were deeply concerned y the way of education in schools. Many people were shocked by the information. Some of them wanted it to stop immediately; other wanted to make some changes. Another idea was spread very west as well. It stated that this type of early sexual education is a children abuse and must be stopped. They didn’t want to do experiments on the acknowledgment of gender, social, sexual changes, and consequences involved into this educational principles. The families with traditional education were abused. As a result, the petition collected 17 000 of voices. These people were heard.

    Educational irony

    This opposition between traditional and LGBTQ families have been lasting for ages till now. On the one hand, there is a coalition which tries to prevent different children from being bullied. At the same time, they educate other kids explaining them concepts of tolerance and non-offensive behavior. These actions were aimed to improve the educational environment. All people must be treated with respect, and no people must be dishonored to create a positive atmosphere for education and promoting science. On which point the coalition failed? The irony is represented by 17 000 people who have signed the petition. They were offended and shocked. On which point the lectures about tolerance were developed to the educational books for four-year-old children stating that there is no gender?


    Both sides must be tolerant. This behavior prevents from any representation of violence, bullying or another inappropriate surrounding for relevant education. Moreover, today violence at schools can be met not only regarding LGBTQ people, but the reason can also be anything starting with the choice of clothing and finishing with genetic defects. Each parent has to educate its child. Teaching tolerance at home is fundamental to creating a peaceful society for both children and adults. If both sides connect their efforts and create a program against all types of violence, that might become an answer for many question and conflicts in the modern world.