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  • Top 5 Large Tablets To Buy Right Now
  • Top 5 Large Tablets To Buy Right Now

    Top 5 Large Tablets To Buy Right Now

    Full-size tablets have been popular ever since the first tablets were introduced. Unlike smaller tablets, which walk the thin line between tablets and smartphones, full-size tablets are fully functional work devices that can easily replace your laptop. If you’re dreaming of a device you could take anywhere and still enjoy the complete laptop capabilities, here are 5 best large tablets you can buy. Find all kinds of devices on Jiji (https://jiji.ng/mobile-phones-tablets) and don’t miss the top money-saving deals in Nigeria.

    1. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

    A tablet that runs on Windows 10 has a number of advantages over devices that are based on other platforms – most importantly, you get to use the same familiar operating system you have installed on your home computer. The Surface Pro 4 by Microsoft is one of the most technologically advanced tablets that can be easily turned into a laptop with the help of a Type Cover and other accessories.

    2. Apple iPad

    While there are Apple tablets for any taste and budget, the original Apple iPad is the best deal if you’re looking for a full-size device. The iPad’s 9.7-inch screen allows you to perform all kinds of tasks and enjoy the endless entertainment capabilities of the device. Sure, there are more advanced and expensive iPads out there, but if you’re searching for a moderately priced full-size gadget, the iPad is the best you can do.

    3. Google Pixel C

    One of Google’s latest tablets, the Pixel C, is far from being affordable, but its price is completely justified by everything it has to offer. If you’re a fan of Android OS, you’re going to love the pure Android that the Pixel C runs on, especially since you’ll get the latest updates as soon as they’re released. Google Pixel C also has a sleek and modern design, and can be completed with an ergonomical keyboard.

    4. iPad Air 2

    In case you’re looking for a large tablet with iOS and one of the best designs of the past few years, why not choose the iPad Air 2? One of Apple’s most attractively styled tablets has everything you’re looking for in a portable device. Of course, it costs considerably more than the modestly priced iPad, but its functionality and looks are totally worth it.

    5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

    Samsung is an internationally acclaimed leader in the world of Android tablets, and the Galaxy Tab S3 has one of the best screens in today’s tablet market. In addition to that, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is equipped with outstanding entertainment functionality and has a matching keyboard that turns it into a fully capable device for work.