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  • Understanding CS: GO and How to Bet on a Match
  • Understanding CS: GO and How to Bet on a Match

    Understanding CS: GO and How to Bet on a Match

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular Esports games on the Internet. There are various sites where you can bet on this game, and one of the most professional is http://www.gg.bet/en/.

    In order to understand how to bet your money on CS: GO matches, you need to know how a game is played. Read on to find out more info on this.

    What is CS: GO?

    CS: GO is a tactical online shooter that was created based on the classic mod (Counter-Strike) for the shooter Half-Life. It was an instant success and has become famous in the Esports gaming world.

    What Are the Fundamental Rules? How Do Players Win a Round?

    The rules for tournament matches are usually explained to the players before signing the contract for participation. Some of the rules include no “pixel walking” or other exploits because games are always buggy to some degree, no matter how polished and updated they get. Other rules include no peeking in an adversary’s monitor or no cheating (using third party programs to place a player in an unfair advantage).

    A tournament match is similar to a standard game but with some restrictions. Players have to wear their headphones at all times, so that the crowd won’t give them any unfair clues and they have to end communication if they die in a match. They can start communicating on the next round when they respawn.

    The objectives are simple. The terrorists have to plant the bomb in A site or B site. The counter-terrorists have to defuse the bomb or kill the terrorists before they plant it. If the terrorists run out of time and don’t plant the bomb and one or all the counter-terrorists are alive, the terrorists lose. However, the terrorists can win if they defend the bomb enough so it can detonate or kill the whole counter-terrorist team.

    Another type of game match is where the counter-terrorists have to save a couple of hostages from the terrorists. Since we are talking about tournament games, hostage-saving matches are usually not used for competitive events.

    A match consists of thirty rounds. The first half is represented by 15 rounds that can be divided among the two teams. Example: 7 rounds for the terrorists and 8 rounds for the counter-terrorists.

    In the second half of the match, if one team reaches 16 victorious rounds, they will win the game. Of course, teams can also come to a draw, 15-15. In that case, there will be added a two out of three rounds system until a team wins.

    How to Bet Using this Information?

    Your betting decisions will improve the more you play and understand the rules and the mechanics. These are the details that most gamblers don’t think about and, as a result, they lose many bets.

    If you want to bet on a CS: GO tournament match you can visit this site: http://gg.bet/en/counter-strike/. But as stated above, do your homework before you start betting. Learn about the game and the players so that you will know the win/loss ratio.