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  • World’s most expensive penthouses

    World’s most expensive penthouses

    In this post we will talk about world’s most expensive penthouses. And if you are ready to buy your own penthouse https://jiji.ng/42-penthouses-for-rent, visit Jiji! Here you will find a huge number of offers at the lowest prices!

    Penthouse, the skyscraper Tour Odeon, location – Monaco, price – $387 million

    Sky Penthouse is the name of the apartments, which have the status of the most expensive in the world. Total area – 3 251 m2, they have five floors and are located at the height of 170 metres above sea level.

    The apartments have a balcony, a living room, a cinema and a swimming pool with a waterslide.

    Penthouse One Hyde Park, location – London, price – $290 million

    The apartments have a gym, an office, 5 bedrooms, a passage under the ground that leads to the restaurant Heston Blumenthal and wine tasting.

    An important advantage of the flat is the availability of security room in which you can escape before the arrival of the rescue services in the event of imminent danger.

    Total space – 1 580 m2.

    Penthouse at the Pierre hotel, location – New York, price – $125 million

    Apartment interior is a tandem of modern style and elements of the old world. Owning this flat costs $50 000 per month. Penthouse consists of 16 rooms, 4 bathrooms, 6 kitchens and luxurious living room. Also the housing is equipped with 4 bedroom fireplaces, sauna, lift, 3 children`s rooms and a staircase made of wood. In addition to all the above, there is a guest room with two bedrooms and a library. Residents will be able to enjoy views of the East River, the Hudson River and Central Park.

    CitySpire, location – New York, price – $100 million

    The apartment occupies the last three floors of the building. It has an elevator, 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a living room, a huge wine cellar, exhibition gallery, and even media center. General space is 475 m2.

    432 Park Avenue. Location – New York, price – $95 million

    Takes the top floor and is a neighbor of the giant One57. The apartment is decorated by designers Rafael Vinoly and Deborah Burke. It has 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and library, besides there are library and wine cellar, 23-metre long swimming pool, gym and SPA. The apartments have an area of 780 m2 and located at an altitude of 0.425 km above sea level

    Penthouse in One57 district, location – New York, price – $90 million.

    The apartments are located at an altitude of 306 metres above sea level. The windows look at the Central Park, and they occupy almost the entire area of the wall. Two-storey penthouse, total area – 1 015 m2, including 6 bedrooms, 1 lounge, winter garden, and swimming pool.